NEW Siren Surf Camp for Women (and Mermaids)

Farmdog Surf School is excited to announce the addition of their Siren Surf Camp for the 2015 season. Every Tuesday-Thursday in June, July and August from 8:30-11:30 am.

This three-day camp is designed exclusively for women, of every shape and size, ages 18+ who want to connect with the ocean, try something new, or meet like-minded ladies in a fun, active environment. While you won’t be learning how to lure men to their watery grave (we’re not that kind of surf school), you will get a crash course in everything you need to be a modern day mermaid. Siren Surf Camp incorporates…


Each day will begin with a half hour yoga session right on the beach led by one of our certified yoga instructors. The early morning hours on the beach–with their soft colors, cooler temperatures and fewer crowds–are a peaceful time to gear up for the day. The practice, led by Bailey or Lisa, will be a multi-level Vinyasa flow suitable for all participants, even if you are new to yoga. Stretch your muscles, center your mind, and set your intention for your morning in the water. Farmdogs provides all mats and equipment, but feel free to bring your own if you wish.


The Siren Surf Camp is specifically for women wanting to surf, SUP and do yoga on the Outer Banks.

If there is one way to unleash your inner sea goddess, it has to be standing up and surfing a wave. It’s an addicting feeling made even better by the smiling faces of your fellow waterwomen all around you. While surfing is a challenging sport, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from our NSSIA certified instructors in a supportive, judgement free environment. With the pressure off, you might be surprised by the hilarity you find in a wipeout, and the thrill from a successful ride. We’ll match you with the best equipment for your body size and ability level at the start of camp including a board, leash, and wetsuit if needed.

3. SUP

Stand-up paddle boarding is a rapidly growing sport and an awesome activity for women of all ages. It teaches balance, provides a core workout like you wouldn’t believe, and is an awesome way to explore the sound and sea. Conditions each day will determine whether we paddle on the ocean, with panoramic views of the beach, or back on the sound, with wildlife and marshes to explore. There could even be some SUP yoga in the mix! Guided by certified instructors with a 4:1 student to instructor ratio. All equipment will be provided including board, paddle, and life preserver (required on the sound).

WHAT TO BRING- a functional bathing suit, comfortable clothes to wear over top (for yoga), shoes, sunscreen, a towel, water.

MERMAID AMENITIES- You’ll get hooked up with a custom rashguard to protect your skin (and scales) and a shade tent will be set up on the beach if you need a rest or a break from the sun during the three hours of camp each day. Farmdog Surf School provides restrooms, warm showers, lockers and changing rooms in our shop directly across the street. You can also grab a coffee, an organic smoothie, or a bite to eat from Farmdogs Coffee. Everything you’ll need under the same roof!

ATTENTION MOMS- We also offer a Kids Surf Camp (ages 8+) and a Teen Surf Camp as well as private lessons for all ages if you are looking for something for your kiddos to do during the week.

COST- $249 per person *Ask about our multiple camper discount*

We strongly recommend reserving the camp in advance, as space is very limited. You can book securely online or over the phone at (252) 255-2233

See you in the water, Sirens!