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Farmdog Surf School cover story from The Health Journal in August 2014 –

At first, Robert “Farmdog” Farmer simply wanted to share the sport that has given him the life of his dreams with people who have faced a disease that has tried to steal away their lives.

But as soon as Farmer began teaching surfing to young adult cancer survivors, he realized they had far more to share with him.

Press and Media Farmdog Surf School

Farmdog Surf School is the lead article in The Health Journal.

The August issue of Live Happy Magazine features an article about Farmdog Surf School.


As Seen in EASTERN SURF MAGAZINE Outer Banks Elements Come Together To Make Phillip McPherson’s Surfing Wish Come True.

A lesson in integrity from the Farm Dog Surf School. Our family’s summer tradition is to vacation on the Outer Banks and get an annual surfing lesson. It is amazing how much talk, laughter and planning occurs all year because of that one day’s event.

About a half dozen of our family members usually do the surf lessons and Robert Farmer, who runs the Farmdog Surf School, is faced with the annual challenge of gathering together the right mix of instructors and surfboards for us. Since we only surf one week a year, we are a perennial group of beginning to low-intermediate surfers, ranging in age from early elementary to nearly AARP-age. (Disclosure: I’m the nearly AARP-age perpetual beginner.) The instructors have always been patient professionals and superb surfers. We’ve never been disappointed.

Robert’s Farmdog Surf School is part of the Farmdog’s store in Nags Head, but often the lessons are held wherever the waves are breaking best closest to the student’s vacation house.

J. Michael Sharman – Editorial Columnist Star EXponent