The Surf Lessons we got from Farmdog Surf School were above and beyond what we paid for. The guys we had teaching us were really easy-going and their laid back personalities made the experience even more enjoyable. They took extra time to help out our group and we were extremely thankful for their patience with us! They gave us helpful instructions that allowed us to be comfortable surfing on our own for the rest of the vacation. We are incredibly grateful for the instructors and the memories they have provided us!

Sarah H. New York

Robert was the best surfing instructor I’ve have ever had! (Mind you I have only had two, but read on because it’s worth it.) A new sport can be intimidating, to say the very least. Often the awkwardness one experiences when attempting surfing is only magnified by an unfamiliarity with the lingo, a fundamental lack of knowledge of the mechanics and physics involved, and the fear of looking like a complete fool. That said, Robert made me feel comfortable from the time I got on the board, to the time I was swallowed by my very first wave. After a few short days, a lot of reassurance, very sore shoulders and an entirely new respect for the ocean I caught a wave, and then another. Robert’s expertise and love for the sport were enough to keep me engaged and confident that I could actually surf. Surfing, in my opinion, has to be one of the most challenging sports to learn, and the learning curve is long (believe me), however, I have never experienced anything like it, I ‘m hooked. I was inexperienced and frightened, especially after I lost my suit bottoms to the pounding surf, but Robert did not let me quit. I thank him for it. I will be back in the Outer Banks in August, board in hand and asking a million questions of my surf instructor, Robert.

Jessica B., Vermont

Recently visited the OBX with my wife and 2 teenage daughters.  They’ve been wanting to learn to surf, so we set up for a lesson for all of us with Farmdog Surf School.  I called prior to our visit, and spoke w/ owner Robert Farmer on the phone…he was very willing to answer all of my various random questions over the phone.  When we arrived, we set a time for a lesson, but the waves weren’t cooperative. So he kept trying to accommodate us through the week of our vacation. Rather than just take our money and put us out in poor surfing conditions that we wouldn’t get anything out of, he was prepared to return our money if conditions didn’t cooperate.  Integrity over profit- impressive!  We decided to stay an additional day to see if the surf would cooperate…and it did!  He came in on his day off to verify conditions for us.  He set us up with 2 super nice qualified young instructors.  We all had some degree of success, and most importantly had a great time.  The instructors worked their butts off to make us successful.  Very impressed with this new small business….we’ll highly recommend it to anyone visiting the OBX!

John M., Ohio