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Farmdog Surf School offers a Beach Cabana and Chair Service on the Outer Banks

Beach Cabana and Chair Service

Beach Cabana and Chair Set Up is Farmdog Surf School’s fastest growing service.  Many of you who have taken our lessons or camps have seen us setting up cabanas for our camps and lessons.  However, you may not realize that Farmdog Surf School will set up a Beach Cabana and Chair Service for you and your loved ones and friends.

Farmdog Surf School offers a Beach Cabana and Chair Service on the Outer Banks

Beach Cabana and Chair Service shown at Nags Head Shores

Farmdog Surf School will set up your own Beach Cabana for you and have it up by 10 AM. The service includes a 10 x 10 commercial shelter and six beach chairs. In addition, we can bring you extra chairs and a cooler with ice and a trash can. We offer the service daily for $100, or weekly for $400. There is a substantial savings on the daily rate by booking for the week.

Our customers frequently mention that our Beach Cabana and Chair Service was the highlight of their Outer Banks vacation, and they give us many reasons.  First off, if you are in an ocean front house, how awesome is it to wake up to discover your own personal haven on the beach in front of your cottage?  The answer is that it’s pretty awesome.  Moreover, if you are not ocean front, the fact that you don’t have to carry heavy tents and chairs on your vacation is a major plus.  Furthermore, no matter where you stay, you don’t have to pack your car full of heavy things.  Finally, everyone remarks how much they appreciate a little shade on a hot, sunny day.

The Details

We set up your tent and chairs by 10 AM

You get a text showing your service location.

We affix a sign on the tent with your name on it.

We break down the tent and chairs after 5 PM.

You enjoy the beach without the hassle.

Book online now!



Tropical Storm Hermine Sale Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks

Tropical Storm Hermine Sale

Tropical Storm Hermine blasted through the Outer Banks over Labor Day Weekend, which interrupted Farmdog Surf School’s annual Labor Day sale.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is we still have tons of stuff to sell, so we are starting over this weekend with a newly dubbed Tropical Storm Hermine Sale.

Tropical Storm Hermine Sale Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks

It’s back on, our Labor…err Tropical Storm Hermine Sale

So, even though the flyer says otherwise, the Tropical Storm Hermine Sale will commence Friday, September 9th, and proceed through the weekend and beyond.  Great deals abound on used (and new) bikes, epoxy stand up paddleboards (SUP’s), soft SUP’s and other used equipment.

The Tropical Storm Hermine Sale also features great deals on brand new Farmdog clothes, hats, and rash guards, including a substantial selection of BOGO free gear.  We also have new wetsuits half off, used wetsuits starting at $15 and many, many more good deals.

While your here, check out our selection of Luke Short, Vampirate and Stacey surfboards, all designed in Australia.  We have surfboards to demo, rent and buy all at unreal prices.  Plenty of used shortboards and funboards to take home at great prices as well.

So, come on down to Farmdog Surf School’s shop on the Beach Road in Nags Head at MP 10.5.  We are open from 7 am to 5 pm daily and you can call us on 252-255-2233.


Farmdog Surf School Powered by Hurley

Farmdog Surf School Powered by Hurley

You read that right, Farmdog Surf School Powered by Hurley.  Farmdog Surf School is proud to announce that we have been sponsored by Hurley for 2016 and hopefully beyond.

Farmdog Surf School Powered by Hurley

The Farmdog is now on the Hurley Team!


Farmdog Surf School is super stoked to have an incredible partner for our surfing journey, Hurley. Hurley makes innovative products for surfing, most famously the Phantom Series boardshort, and the Hurley Surf Team is a dominant force in both men’s and women’s professional surfing on the World Surf League Championship Tour.

You might be wondering what Farmdog Surf School Powered by Hurley means for Farmdog patrons, and it means great new things.  From a lesson perspective, Farmdog Surf School will be phasing in Hurley’s top of the line performance wetsuits for our customers to use in lessons.  Hurley’s suits are designed to fit better, stretch more, and keep you warmer while surfing.  We will also offer Hurley rashguards for use by our customers during activities.  All of our campers will get some free Hurley gear post camp as well.  The quality of the Hurley products used in our activities will help Farmdog Surf School deliver a better quality experience for our participants.

Also, In our newly remodeled store, we will have some co branded hats, t shirts and rashguards available for purchase both in store and online.  And we will have marketing support from a fantastic global brand, who has been a giant in the surf world since 1999.

We will also be offering a Surf With a Pro Elite Surf Class featuring Hurley pro Noah Snyder on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during the summer.  If you are past the beginner stage and want to really progress into modern short board surfing, The Elite Class is the way to go.

Farmdog Surf School is flattered and honored to be Powered by Hurley, an iconic surf brand.  We are excited about the support of a fantastic brand, and we look forward to creating a better experience for our customers.






Duck and Manteo are now served by Farmdog Surf School for Surf and SUP lessons.

Farmdog Surf School expands to Duck and Manteo

Duck and Manteo called, and they want their Farmdog Surf School!  Farmdog Surf School is joining forces with some great local companies to expand their offering of activities.

To begin with, Farmdog Surf School has merged with Outer Banks Paddleboard to provide the highest quality SUP Lessons, Tours and products anywhere.  Outer Banks Paddleboard is owned by Jack Crouch and was operating out of the Nor’ Banks Sailing Center in the Town of Duck.  Jack has started repping for Ocean Lineage and Farmdog Surf School will be carrying SUP’s from Boga and Coreban and SUP accessories ranging from leashes and bags to hydration systems, PFD’s and much more.  Look for Farmdog Surf School to partner up with Jack to do Demo days for Boga and Coreban, plus the Demo fleet will be available for rent and private lessons.

In addition to the merger, Farmdog Surf School will be operating out of Nor’ Banks Sailing Center in Duck for private and group surf lessons in the ocean, and private and group SUP lessons in the ocean.  Farmdog Surf School will now offer full lesson services to clients in Southern Shores, Duck and Corolla!  If you haven’t been to Nor’ Banks, it’s an awesome site on the sound north of the Duck Research Pier.  They have sailing lessons, camps, jet skis, parasailing and more!  Now with Farmdog Surf School doing Surf and SUP lessons, Nor’ Banks is your go to spot for watersports adventures!

Finally, Farmdog Surf School is going to be doing SUP Tours in Manteo, operating out of Roanoke Island Outfitters.  Manteo offers a really unique paddling opportunity for the flat water SUP’er, and RIO is a great operation who has been doing paddle related tours for two decades.  We are stoked to be working with them!  We are also working out the details on doing an SUP Tour in the Everglades with RIO, which will be an amazing adventure.  Stay tuned!

Duck and Manteo are great small towns that retain their Outer Banks charm, and Farmdog Surf School is stoked to offer lessons in two new locations.  So, if your summer plans take you to Duck and Manteo, Farmdog Surf School will be there to serve you!

Duck and Manteo are now served by Farmdog Surf School for Surf and SUP lessons.

Farmdog Surf School is expanding into Duck and Manteo for surf and SUP Lessons.

Group Surf Campss for adults now available at Farmdog Surf School outer Banks

Farmdog Surf School New Surf and SUP Camps for 2014 and preseason discount!

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks has some great new Surf and SUP Camps for 2014! This summer, we have added two full weeks to our camp programming, starting camps a week earlier in June and extending them a week later in August due to high demand.

In addition to the longer Surf Camp season, Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks is splitting the Surf and Adventure Camp from 2013 into two camps, a Kids Surf And Adventure Camp for children aged 8-12 and a Teen Surf And Adventure Camp for teens ages 13-17.  Each of these camps will still feature Farmdog Surf School’s NSSIA certified instruction, a fully supervised beach environment with beach tents for shade, new, high quality custom Farmdog Surf School soft boards in a variety of sizes and the most thoughtful crew of surf instructors in the Universe!

Part of learning to surf is learning how to handle your board safely when facing incoming waves.

Farmdog Surf School kids moving their boards safely through the white water.

But it ain’t just about the kids at Farmdog Surf School.  In addition to the new kids programs, we are offering two great new courses for adults from 18-80.  The Adult Surf and Adventure Camp and the Adult SUP Camp are a great opportunity for our more mature clients to make legitimate progress in surf and SUP.  Each course will be offered weekly throughout the summer and will feature a yoga warm up, 3 hours a day of high quality, experiential surf or SUP instruction from adult instructors who understand the challenges facing adult board sport learners.

Group Surf Campss for adults now available at Farmdog Surf School outer Banks

Learning to surf in a Farmdog Surf School group camp setting is a great experience.

In addition to all of the great new events, Farmdog Surf School is doing it’s first ever preseason booking discount for online bookings only.  Follow the booking button below and select if you want to book a lesson or a camp.  Find your event, select your dates and enter Polar_Vortex at checkout and save 10% off of your lesson, camp or rental.  Hurry, this offer expires by March 31, 2014.


book now

During the first week of June, Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks had the privilege to host a four day surf camp organized by First Descents, a non profit organization that specializes in adventure sports activities for young adult cancer survivors from all over the country.  First Descents offers several different levels of programs, and we had three weeks in June of 2012 running FD1 Camps, an entry level program.  This year’s first week would be FD2, so in addition  to amping up the intensity level on the program, we also had a reunion with 6 campers who had participated with FD1’s from 2012.  It was great to see some familiar faces from the previous year, but what was really impressive was how affected by their FD1 experience the returning participants were.

FD2 participant Bunny riding a wave during Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks First Descents camp

Bunny from FD2 OBX Surf Camp with Farmdog Surf School in Nags Head


In particular, we had a participant last year who could, despite being game, only really make it into the ocean on the final day of the program due to physical limitations relating to her battle with cancer.  But empowered and inspired by her participation in the camp, she spent an entire year training and strengthening her body and her mind.  Through the First Descents program she was inspired to get out into the surf and try to ride waves.  The evidence of her yearlong effort is in the photo above.

I have no doubt that being inspired by fellow cancer survivors contributed to one young lady’s stunning transformation in just a year’s time.  All of us at Farmdog Surf School are witnesses to how profoundly a person can be affected by First Descents’ amazing programs, it’s program leaders and volunteers.

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks Summer Camps

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks is stoked to offer nine solid weeks of Surf and Adventure Camps for the Summer of 2013!  The camps start on June 17th, and run weekly until mid August.  The Surf and Adventure Camps offer 4 hours of NSSIA Certified Instruction in surfing  and/or Stand Up Paddleboarding, a healthy box lunch for all of the campers, a shaded beach tent for rest and sun protection, and lots and lots of fun for ages 8-17.  In addition, each week the parents and campers are invited to join Team Farmdog for a Surf Camp Cookout at Farmdog’s HQ in Nags Head.


This could be you after a week of Farmdog Surf School Surf Camp!

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks for an unforgettable week of fun!

Here are some important details for the Farmdog Surf School Surf and Adventure Camps.  First off, the start time for the camps vary from week to week, in order to have the lessons revolve around low tide.  So, the first camp starts at 9 AM, lasting until 1 PM, while week two starts at 1 PM, lasting until 5 PM.  Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 will all start at 9 AM.  Weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 will all start at 1 PM and go until 5 PM.  Click here for a rundown on the camp dates and start times.

If you want some more info about the camps, drop us an email or give us a call.

Or if you want to book online, use our secure online payment system and reserve your spot today!

We look forward to seeing you this summer!


Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks is growing!

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks would like to welcome three new partners for 2013!  Due to growing demand for a real Outer Banks surfing experience, Farmdog Surf School welcomes veteran Farmdog instructors Aaron West and Joe Sherlock into the fold as equal partners.  In addition, long time Farmdog Surf School friend and benefactor Rob Piasio has become an equal partner for 2013 and beyond as well.

The additions of Aaron, Joe and Rob will allow Farmdog Surf School to meet it’s increasing demand for professional surf lessons on the Outer Banks without sacrificing the quality and personal attention that are hallmarks of Farmdog Surf School.

A great set of waves rolls in during a surf lesson in Nags Head

A great set of waves rolls in during a surf lesson in Nags Head


Having Aaron, Joe and Rob on board will also enable Farmdog Surf School to offer group surf lessons, SUP Eco tours and Surfing Day Camps for young and old in 2013.  As we flesh out the details for each of these new activities, we will post them up here on The Farmdog Blog.

In the meantime, Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks wishes everyone a Happy New Year, and we look forward to surfing with you in 2013!









Farmdog Surf School group surf lessons meet at our building right across the street from the beach in Nags Head.

Learning from your students

Farmdog Surf School group post surf lesson shaka’s!

I was teaching a one person private lesson with a young lady recently, and her clarity on the act of surfing really struck me. The day was beautiful, and there were a few small waves coming through, but definitely some lag time between sets. She says to me, out of the blue,”You know, even when there are no waves coming, surfing is great. Just being in the water is a valuable experience.”
I could not have said it better myself. She is one hundred percent correct. Just being in the ocean is a remarkable thing. Get out there and do it, people!

This is what I'm talking about!

Farmdog Surf School and First Descents

First Descents and Farmdog Surf School

I got the email over the winter.  I had been getting a lot of spam, naturally, but I looked anyway.  It was from a company, First Descents, that I had never heard of, and they were interested in partnering up for some lessons.  Before I did anything, I went to their website to check them out.  I knew right away that I wanted to work with them.

The First Descents Crew warms up with the Farmdog Surf School Gang

Get Loose!

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous, and I had no idea what to expect.  Cancer is such a dirty word.  It’s this word that creates a divide between the people that have it and the people that don’t.  It’s a word that stigmatizes people.  I was afraid of people with cancer.  Well, not really, but sort of.  I was afraid because I wasn’t sure I was up to it.  Wasn’t sure I could handle people who had been cut and poked and prodded and radiated and what not.

This is what I'm talking about!

Victim? I think not.


From the first moment of the first day, I realized that everything I thought or read or feared or dreaded about cancer and cancer victims was just total rubbish.  They pushed us and challenged us from the start.  Their stamina and fearlessness was completely inspiring and liberating.  The cancer “victims” were showing us all how to live.