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During the first week of June, Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks had the privilege to host a four day surf camp organized by First Descents, a non profit organization that specializes in adventure sports activities for young adult cancer survivors from all over the country.  First Descents offers several different levels of programs, and we had three weeks in June of 2012 running FD1 Camps, an entry level program.  This year’s first week would be FD2, so in addition  to amping up the intensity level on the program, we also had a reunion with 6 campers who had participated with FD1’s from 2012.  It was great to see some familiar faces from the previous year, but what was really impressive was how affected by their FD1 experience the returning participants were.

FD2 participant Bunny riding a wave during Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks First Descents camp

Bunny from FD2 OBX Surf Camp with Farmdog Surf School in Nags Head


In particular, we had a participant last year who could, despite being game, only really make it into the ocean on the final day of the program due to physical limitations relating to her battle with cancer.  But empowered and inspired by her participation in the camp, she spent an entire year training and strengthening her body and her mind.  Through the First Descents program she was inspired to get out into the surf and try to ride waves.  The evidence of her yearlong effort is in the photo above.

I have no doubt that being inspired by fellow cancer survivors contributed to one young lady’s stunning transformation in just a year’s time.  All of us at Farmdog Surf School are witnesses to how profoundly a person can be affected by First Descents’ amazing programs, it’s program leaders and volunteers.

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks Summer Camps

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks is stoked to offer nine solid weeks of Surf and Adventure Camps for the Summer of 2013!  The camps start on June 17th, and run weekly until mid August.  The Surf and Adventure Camps offer 4 hours of NSSIA Certified Instruction in surfing  and/or Stand Up Paddleboarding, a healthy box lunch for all of the campers, a shaded beach tent for rest and sun protection, and lots and lots of fun for ages 8-17.  In addition, each week the parents and campers are invited to join Team Farmdog for a Surf Camp Cookout at Farmdog’s HQ in Nags Head.


This could be you after a week of Farmdog Surf School Surf Camp!

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks for an unforgettable week of fun!

Here are some important details for the Farmdog Surf School Surf and Adventure Camps.  First off, the start time for the camps vary from week to week, in order to have the lessons revolve around low tide.  So, the first camp starts at 9 AM, lasting until 1 PM, while week two starts at 1 PM, lasting until 5 PM.  Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 will all start at 9 AM.  Weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 will all start at 1 PM and go until 5 PM.  Click here for a rundown on the camp dates and start times.

If you want some more info about the camps, drop us an email or give us a call.

Or if you want to book online, use our secure online payment system and reserve your spot today!

We look forward to seeing you this summer!


Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks is growing!

Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks would like to welcome three new partners for 2013!  Due to growing demand for a real Outer Banks surfing experience, Farmdog Surf School welcomes veteran Farmdog instructors Aaron West and Joe Sherlock into the fold as equal partners.  In addition, long time Farmdog Surf School friend and benefactor Rob Piasio has become an equal partner for 2013 and beyond as well.

The additions of Aaron, Joe and Rob will allow Farmdog Surf School to meet it’s increasing demand for professional surf lessons on the Outer Banks without sacrificing the quality and personal attention that are hallmarks of Farmdog Surf School.

A great set of waves rolls in during a surf lesson in Nags Head

A great set of waves rolls in during a surf lesson in Nags Head


Having Aaron, Joe and Rob on board will also enable Farmdog Surf School to offer group surf lessons, SUP Eco tours and Surfing Day Camps for young and old in 2013.  As we flesh out the details for each of these new activities, we will post them up here on The Farmdog Blog.

In the meantime, Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks wishes everyone a Happy New Year, and we look forward to surfing with you in 2013!









Farmdog Surf School group surf lessons meet at our building right across the street from the beach in Nags Head.

Learning from your students

Farmdog Surf School group post surf lesson shaka’s!

I was teaching a one person private lesson with a young lady recently, and her clarity on the act of surfing really struck me. The day was beautiful, and there were a few small waves coming through, but definitely some lag time between sets. She says to me, out of the blue,”You know, even when there are no waves coming, surfing is great. Just being in the water is a valuable experience.”
I could not have said it better myself. She is one hundred percent correct. Just being in the ocean is a remarkable thing. Get out there and do it, people!

This is what I'm talking about!

Farmdog Surf School and First Descents

First Descents and Farmdog Surf School

I got the email over the winter.  I had been getting a lot of spam, naturally, but I looked anyway.  It was from a company, First Descents, that I had never heard of, and they were interested in partnering up for some lessons.  Before I did anything, I went to their website to check them out.  I knew right away that I wanted to work with them.

The First Descents Crew warms up with the Farmdog Surf School Gang

Get Loose!

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous, and I had no idea what to expect.  Cancer is such a dirty word.  It’s this word that creates a divide between the people that have it and the people that don’t.  It’s a word that stigmatizes people.  I was afraid of people with cancer.  Well, not really, but sort of.  I was afraid because I wasn’t sure I was up to it.  Wasn’t sure I could handle people who had been cut and poked and prodded and radiated and what not.

This is what I'm talking about!

Victim? I think not.


From the first moment of the first day, I realized that everything I thought or read or feared or dreaded about cancer and cancer victims was just total rubbish.  They pushed us and challenged us from the start.  Their stamina and fearlessness was completely inspiring and liberating.  The cancer “victims” were showing us all how to live.

Jennette’s Pier Waterman’s Camp

Jennette’s Pier Waterman’s Camp

Next week, Farmdog Surf School will be handling the surfing portion of the first ever Jennette’s Pier Waterman’s camp in Nags Head!  For those of you who haven’t signed up, unfortunately it’s full.  But if you have signed up, we have been enjoying perfect lesson waves lately, and the sandbars at the Pier look like they are ready for some first rate shredding!