Rental Wetsuits

Rental Wetsuits are available at Farmdog Surf School Nags Head, in nineteen different sizes to keep you warm in and around the water.  Ocean temps on the Outer Banks vary widely in the summer, from the upper 50’s to the low 80’s.  A rental wetsuit could be your key to a great holiday surf.

Rental Wetsuits come in two different options for men, women and children. The First option is a Springsuit, also known as a Shorty. This suit is 2mm thick and has short arms and legs, cut above the knees and elbows. If the ocean temperature is 65 or higher, you should be able to stay comfortable for an hour or so in a Spring suit.  Rental prices are $10 a day (24hr) or $30 weekly (3+ days).

rental wetsuit outer banks Farmdog Surf School

A spring suit or shorty is a great rental wetsuit for water temps above 65


The 2nd option is a Fullsuit / Steamer. This suit is a 3/2mm combination wetsuit with Flatlock seams and reinforced knees. If the water dips below 65, Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks strongly recommends renting a Fullsuit.  Rental prices are $15 a day (24hr) or $45 weekly (3+ days).

Farmdog Surf School rental wetsuit Outer Banks

A fullsuit rental wetsuit is essential when the water temps dip below 65 on the Outer Banks

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Farmdog Surf School Nags Head has 19 different sizes of wetsuits to fit every body

Farmdog Surf School Nags Head has over 15 different sizes of wetsuits to fit every body

Mens Wetsuits

Weight 135-150 150-170 155-175 170-190 170-190 190-210 190-210 210-230
Height 5'7-5'9 5'9-5'11 6'0-6'2 5'10-6'0 5'8-5'10 5'11-6'1 5'9-5'11 6'0-6'2

Womens Wetsuits

Size 6 8 10 12 14
Weight 115 120 130 140 150
Height 5'5-5'7 5'6-5'8 5'7-5'9 5'8-5'10 5'9-5'11

Juniors Wetsuits

Size 6 8 10 12 14 16
Weight 50-60 60-75 75-90 90-105 105-120 120-135
Height 4'2-4'5 4'5-4'8 4'8-4'11 4'10-5'1 5'1-5'4 5'4-5'7

For a more in depth size chart visit Hyperflex Wetsuits