Surf and SUP Camps

Surf and SUP camps are a great way to gain proficiency in surfing and Stand Up Paddle boarding. Farmdog Surf School’s Surf and SUP Camps feature 3 days of NSSIA certified instruction, all equipment, shaded beach tents, refreshments and more.  The Surf and SUP camps feature fundamentals in surfing or stand up paddle boarding, safety protocols for each sport, a surfer’s code of etiquette to follow, plus the fellowship and camaraderie of group learning and new friends.

Farmdog Surf School offers weekly 3 Day Surf and Adventure Camps for children, teens, and adults throughout the summer.  3 Day Surf and Adventure Camps are great for surf or stand up paddle novices who are looking for a more comprehensive learning experience.  The Kids and Teen Camps are also a great way to have a safe and structured activity for your children who are looking for something awesome to do during their summer vacations!

All of the 3 Day Camps start on Mondays and run through Wednesday.  If there is bad weather on one of the camp days, we can take an off day and extend the camps to Thursday or Friday to make sure everyone gets their fill.

Farmdog Surf School is also now offering a 5 Day Summer Camp which runs Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm, and will be offered for 4 weeks during the summer. This camp includes five full days of supervised surfing, learning and Outer Banks Adventures for your 8 to 12 year old child.

For more details on all of the Farmdog Surf School Surf and SUP camps, click through to each of their pages and book ’em because they all fill up really fast and class sizes are very limited!