Hannah Bunn

Farmdog Surf School Instrictor Hannah Bunn surfing in Nags Head

Hannah Bunn, NSSIA certified surf instructor, surfing a clean wave in Nags Head

Nickname: Honey Bunn

Place of Birth: the Outer Banks

Surfing since: 2002

Surfing Stance: Goofy

Favorite Movie: Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Favorite Food: Coconut

Favorite Quote: “The grass isn’t greener on the other side. You bring your green grass with you wherever you go” –Mama Bunn

Other Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Crafting, Keeping the guys in line, Cats (and other cute animals)

Hannah Bunn instructs at Farmdog Surf School Outer Banks Kids Surf and Adventure Camps

Hannah Bunn at Farmdog Surf School’s Kids Camp

Hannah Bunn is an NSSIA and CPR certified surf instructor for Farmdog Surf School and a native of the Outer Banks.

She grew up on the beach in Kill Devil Hills and learned to surf when she was 15. Hannah has been integral in creating the visual environment at Farmdog Surf School’s coffee and smoothie bar. In addition, she has written several articles for the Farmdog Surf School blog, volunteered for the Farmdog Surf School First Descents Camp in Mexico in November of 2014, and helped design and merchandise Farmdog Surf School apparel.

She loves sharing the joy of the ocean with others, particularly kiddos. She is super excited to lead Farmdog Surf School Summer Day Camp and make a classroom out of nature. She is also a certified K-6 teacher, freelance writer, sunscreen advocate, and lover of cuddly things.