Noah Snyder

Noah Snyder joins Farmdog Surf School as a private surf instructor in our elite Surf With a Pro surf lesson offering.  Noah Snyder has a note-worthy background as a professional athlete. He began surfing early in life and, almost immediately, major surf sponsors picked him up. Noah became a professional surfer at age 21 with Hurley International being his primary sponsor. One of the most seen surf films of all time, Noah’s Arc was made about his life.

Noah Snyder Surf with a Pro at Farmdog Surf School

Noah Snyder will be the featured instructor for Farmdog Surf School’s Surf With a Pro program.

Noah has hosted surf camps for over 20 years on the Outer Banks and has been conducting boot camps since 2007. He is a certified Boot camp and Group Fitness Instructor.

After 17 years of working with Hurley, Noah felt the calling to focus on building his fitness business, Momentum Fitness OBX, on the Outer Banks. 

Noah is passionate about helping individuals reach their maximum potential in fitness, health and surfing.

For the elite Farmdog Surf School Surf With a Pro program, Noah Snyder will lead a private, one on one program with a surfer of any level.  Noah will tailor the instruction to the level of the surfer, whether you are trying to learn your first turn or you are trying to push into the realm of amateur or professional competition surfing.

If a group of you are interested in the Surf with a Pro class, Noah will be assisted by Farmdog Senior instructors- and high level surfers- Aaron West and Joe Sherlock.

Farmdog Surf School is very stoked to be partnering with Noah Snyder and Momentum Fitness in order to promote healthy fitness and elite level surfing.

And if you aren’t into surfing, don’t forget to pop in for a Momentum Fitness Boot Camp class, the classes are available to book online as well.