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The Farmdog Surf School Difference

Farmdog Surf School offers NSSIA certified surf lessons because we believe you should have the highest quality and safest surfing experience possible.



Our high standards aren’t just about popping up on a surfboard. We use high-quality, custom-made boards that we offer in 11 different sizes. People are not one size fits all, so why should your surf lesson surfboard be only one size?

We also offer wetsuits in 10 different men’s, five different women’s, and six different kids’ sizes because we feel like you should be warm and comfortable in your surf lessons. After each use, the suits are washed and disinfected, rinsed in fresh water, and hung out to dry.

In addition to having great equipment, Farmdog Surf School has a physical location right across the street from the beach. At our location, you can get a pre-surf bathroom break, a fantastic cup of coffee or a latte, a fresh-squeezed fruit or vegetable juice made with organically grown produce, or a fresh fruit smoothie made with organically grown fruit and no added ice or sugar.

Farmdog Surf School is a great experience with much thought and consideration given to the entire process, from pre-surf sign up to post-surf chillout.