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Multi-Day Surf Lesson

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2 Hours, 4 Days
  • Age: Available to people ages 13 and up
Adult (Ages 18+)
Child (Ages 13-17)

Kook to Duke 4 Day Surf Lesson

A comprehensive way to grow as a surfer, the Kook to Duke Surf Lesson is 4 straight days of semi private surf classes with a very limited class size of only 3 people.

Throughout your 4 days, you will learn a fundamental approach to surfing and surfing better that will stick with you when your instructor is no longer standing in the water next to you. In addition, your instructor will coach your mental approach to surfing, from picking a good spot to surf all the way through proper wave judgement.

All equipment is provided for your lessons, so you’ll only need to bring a towel, proper swim attire and some sunblock. In addition, the option of riding some of Farmdog Surf School’s top of the line epoxy surfboards during the surf sessions is a possibility. Discounts for in store equipment purchases are available to facilitate your surfing journey.